Sunday, October 27, 2013

The People Around You

The Weakness In Modern School

Today I truly realized one of the biggest blunders in society. How can 1 teacher control 30 students? Of course there are going to be complications. But this can all be directed to the start, who's idea was it for 1 adult to control 30 sugar high kids?

Actually Trying To Learn

I felt pretty tired late into the day so I wanted to digest some facts into my brain. However the other 10 people though differently. They went on and on and just could not contain themselves for even a minute. I probably act like this a lot and if I was another student I would probably find myself annoying. Just why are the number so imbalanced? Maybe if teaching offered more money or rights then we would not have classes that exceed 25 students.

Too Distracting

If there are 29 bafoons in the class, then it is really hard for you not to become one. Eventually the teachers become irrelevant and students develop this energy and it goes crazy. Especially if they are teaching something that does not flavor with the students. They will go bezerk and teachers might as well say goodbye to any learning if they do not plan anything that stimulates students minds.

Teachers Scared Of The Critique The Students?

I do not know how many times this has happened. When the students become the teachers it always cracks me up. When the students "forcefully direct" the teacher to do what they want to do. This is how true teachers are determined and the weak ones will do whatever his/her children say. However if the teacher do not follow through then in lessons she should expect to cop a lot of "why do we do this miss? And the "I don't cares".

It All Adds Ups

In the end it all adds up. Students who receive and actually have a good mentality and attitude at home should succeed. Because what are they doing at school, slacking off. Teachers have lost that strong DNA in them and now students control the classroom. Lets put it this way, if the teacher got through the daily work and has time to set out homework yes HOMEWORK then the lesson was a success.

Alright that's the article. Been a bit tired lately so sorry for not posting for I think the last 4 days. I will probably try and give more of my opinions on schools so if anyone from the education departments wants to listen to more of my opinion as a student feel free to send me a Gmail. Thanks and see you guys next time.

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