About Myself

The Struggles In Life

I'm still in school but over these last few years I've experienced a lot.  It seems as if every time my life was looking up something would just hit me and I would come crashing down. I remember all those times I couldn't sleep because some burden was coming over me and every time and I mean every time there was a lot of pressure on me I crippled, crumbled and fell flat on my face. The last few years of my life have definitely been the roughest.

The Moments

1 thing I hate about life, it's that the negatives always outweigh the positives. It's like whenever I achieve something great it only lasts about a day however when I do something really bad it sticks with me forever. There's so much pressure on you and I to always give 100% but no one is perfect and there are always those moments that you play in your head over and over again.

The Dream As A Kid

I pondered day and night figuring out the answer to true success. Like almost every kid all I wanted in life was money and fame. However with all the problems in my life I knew that I would be the last person to achieve glory.

The Shape I'm In Now

Right now I'm just sitting at home recovering from a fractured foot. This will most likely rule me out for a couple of weeks of basketball even though I've recovered from a fractured wrist :(.

Alright that's it for the day. Thank you everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please comment in the section below any mistakes I may have made or any of your own personal experiences :).

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