Friday, October 11, 2013

What Gives You Confidence?

What Makes You Confident?

Confidence is what drives emotion, strength and lust. It provides us with belief and it always found and lost at certain times. But there is no other emotion in the world I would trade for if I had to trade confidence. Here in this article I discuss what I have seen give people confidence or have experienced myself.

1. What You Think Of Something, This is the most important thing in delivering confidence. Your view on what you are doing is vital to becoming that confident person. So lets say for example you are playing a sport. If you believe that you are good enough or even say better than who you are playing against it gives you confidence right? However when you take on opposition that is clearly better than you, you just disappear into your shell. It is these views that we rub onto ourselves that decides our confidence.

2. The People Around You Sometimes it is amazing, when the people around you exert this influence that can make you so calm and confident. Work is so much better if your co-workers actually know what they are doing. Once you establish trust you know that there is always an emergency call right next to your office or wherever you work.

3. That First Time I am pretty sure every one of you guys/girls have gotten nervous at some stage in your life. But it is really hard when you have to learn something new and then once you do it for the first time e.g Doing a speech in the back of your mind, the next time you speak the comfort of doing a speech before should quench those nerves and provide you confidence.

That is the article guys/girls thank you for reading and sorry for not posting yesterday. If you liked it please follow me on Google + and till next time.

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