Saturday, October 5, 2013

School Holidays Over! What Already :(

Bye Bye Freedom

For many kids the last day of holiday is the worst. The silence and the trauma (over exaggerated) you feel when you wake up in the morning is incredible. Everything you do is dimmed down to pain as in the back of your mind it's the inevitable.  Schools Back -.-

For many parents, this is the time that they can sit back and relax. Their 2 weeks of suffering is gone and now us kids have to suffer for the next 3 months.


And then I wonder? what could I have done these holidays to make it better. I'm just speechless because in the next 36 hours i'm back to school. It feels as if it was yesterday when It was my last day of school and now I'm back already,.

But How Come I Don't Wanna Go Back To School?

Firstly the fact that I have to wake up at 7 in the morning is not very ideal. Secondly I feel as if since I'm spending my time at school, my time is limited to do the things that I wanna do. What would you rather do? Writing notes about how to describe adjectives in Japanese Or Blog with your fellow bloggers. And I feel as if im on a treadmill. I'm walking and walking but getting no where :(. Plus if I dont make it too University then these last 14 years of my life (+preschool kindergarten) have been a bit of a waste.

Good Ride

My holidays was a good ride while it lasted. Waking up at 9 everyday to relax and just regather myself, I just wish that it would last a little bit longer maybe an extra week or 2. But know all I can do is develop the right attitude to get through my last term.

So Much Success Around The World

It's a bit hard to learn when you know that people who have dropped out of school have gone on to achieve such great things. Take Sir Richard Branson for example, He left school and look at him now. CEO of Virgin (the company that provides airways, phone billing and even space travel). Then we have Bill Gates the list just goes on and on it just boggles your imagination. Now I definitely do not want to drop out but it's just amazing as the saying goes "If you chase your dreams, You can get anywhere".

Alright thats the article. We went a little off track though but thanks for reading this rant about school. Regarding going back to school I will only be able to post 1 article a day once I get back so i'm really sorry about that but hey at least I get to blog once I come home. If you liked it you can add me to circles and thanks for reading, have a good day :).

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