Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Pain No Gain

Nothing To Give Up Means Nothing To Gain

Yesterday was the day that gave me belief. Hard work can take you anywhere.


Up until yesterday my academics were very shaky. I had barely passed my tests while also failing a few (especially Japanese). So my confidence in academics was not very high. Whenever I hear the word "test or exam" I freak out. That means that now I must study and hopefully conquer, however my attention span is the worst. One minute I'm reading my notes next moment i'm checking my phone. This is not a habit that gives me joy but not everyone's perfect.

Giving Up A Little

I love my technology. I can't go 30 minutes without my laptop, phone or tablet. They are just too important for me too lose. So my maths test was on Thursday so I thought if I started studying on Monday I would have a good chance to do well. After my shower I went straight to my bedroom, locked the door and studied. It didn't take long for me to pull out my phone. So as an alternative I would study and check my phone every hour. This worked out well and I might use this for the future.

A Bit Of Luck

I did all studying up until Thursday the day of the test. However there was a bit of luck involved. The test was super easy and I passed with flying colors. 97% was the highest I had ever gotten and I guess half of that studying was worth it.

Ahah! Well that's the article just a bit of motivation for you guys trying to pursue your dreams. Work hard and stay committed. 3 weeks till i'm on holidays so the blogs should start flowing then. Thanks for reading and till next time.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Ask Me Anything :)

Ask Me Questions Please

It's been around a month and a half sine I started this blog and well I guess this is a way you guys can learn a bit more about me. If you have any questions you can email me or leave one in the comment section down below and I should answer all of them by Saturday. A new article should be out by friday, sorry I haven't been posting lately have quite a few exams this week. Thanks for reading and take care :).

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Form


My basketball team is in shambles. We have a bench warmer who can't defend, 3 ball hogs in the team and no true center.


I do not know how to turn my team into winners.  The first season I played we went undefeated, and now this 2nd team is always being defeated. I just don't think we gel. Everything is all over shop. Where is the upside to this team, I do not see.

Stats Against Us

We have started the season 3-5 which is definitely not good. Sitting at  the bottom of the ladder is not pretty. But the main problem is we are all weak in defense. This team defensively is in ruins.

Hate Losing

I hate to admit but I am a sore loser. Mostly when I lose I play games and wash away the anger but it stings after every match. Trying to develop a good attitude to losing is hard when most of your childhood you won.

Right now I just gotta keep my head up and play good basketball. If I can deliver a good performance every week I will be satisfied. So I guess that's it thanks for reading friends and till next time :).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Steps

The Little Steps

One thing in life that bugs me in life is a humans misguided judgement. They all think that if they skip something the end product will still look great but isn't there a saying in life, there are no shortcuts to success!

Little Steps

Whenever I watch news or read newspapers it gives me that little extra belief in humanity when someone says that they only take things one step at a time. It tells me that they are not some cocky person who has their head up in space. Everything should be taken at a pace where everything is examined carefully and thoroughly so the chance of mistakes is rare. Building a puzzle is the same, everything fits together but you can only put one piece of the puzzle at a time (by yourself).

Sporting Wise

The same thing can be said about sports. The little passes throughout the movement is what creates the touchdown,basket,try,goal,point. However the misconception is that the scorer gets all the credit. It was a team effort and I think that is what people are missing whenever they go on a losing streak (this applies to me as well). So when the scorer or the man of the moment makes a mistake everyone is disappointed in them but you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Work Hard

Good buildup should lead to success. Taking things step by step (main backing of why this article is being written) and getting the job cleanly done by doing all the little steps thoroughly is what creates an authentic, genuine and crisp finish.

Post Article

I'm not sure I had enough energy to get this article out but I just pushed. I feel really deflated, my oztag team (the one I was talking about in my last article) was robbed out of a grand finals berth. Just in a really tired mood I guess, well that's the past and now it's time to move. Thanks everyone for reading and till next next time.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Taking Strides As We Go

Playing A Bit-Part Role

Ever had the feeling when you feel helpless. Ever had that feeling when you try hard but don't succeed? On Thursday I had this problem, I sat on the bench with a jarred thumb playing so many possibilities inside my head.

Thursday 14th November

I woke up this morning all pumped, why? Because today I was gonna play a sport I had longed to play for (competitively) Oztag. This game is a bit like nfl but the ball must not be passed forward and we get "tackled" by having tags on our belts stripped by the defensive team.

I arrived at school and straight away the mood was so bright. All the boys were excited and ready to go, everyone was happy, positive and bright. We were all just passing the ball until it was time to get on the bus.

So the bus ride is great. Everyone is cracking jokes and playing a few pranks on each other. We made a few jokes like "hey guys what happens if we go undefeated"? And another replies " Nah that won't happen".

We arrive at the playing field and all I see is just a jungle of children running around. As it was my first time playing this sport I was just in awe as I tried to capture the spectacle inside my head. So all the boys settle down and we find a place a sit and relax. There wasn't any preparation into this competition but our belief was there and isn't that all that matters?

1st Game

This was it, as the siren sounded for the start of the 2nd session (we didn't play first session since this round robin). And we're all pumped, the only negative was that I started on the bench but oh wells!. So we all gear up and suddenly it's kick off (whistle blows) and the team defends the first set well and now we got the ball. This where stars shine and we definitely got one in my team. My mates gets the ball in the 2nd tackle, makes the breaks and soon we're up 1-0. They try and fightback but our defense has them cooked. Halfway through the first half I get a chance on the field. I get my first tag in defense and this gives me a lot of confidence (too much confidence) and when I go in for my third tag BAM my thump feels immobilizes, I raise my hand signalling for the next sub to get ready.


My thumb is throbbing, I can barely move my hand without pain. I pause for a second thinking of all the ramifications that are just waiting to happen. Have I just let my team down? Now with this injury they are one man down for the next 3 games. With a few words of wisdom from the supervising teacher I rush to the staff tent ( they were only a few steps away from the field) and ask for ice. This cools my thumb and a little bit of ability has returned. We barely scrap a win out of our group stages and we are left with 4 injured players... As the game ends my teammates take a seat in our area counting the losses. There is a silence but we know that It will take the whole team to make it past the group stages.

Part 2 will be out when I recount all my blogs that I said would have a part 2. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've had quite a few tests but once there done the blogs will start flowing. Thanks for reading and until next time guys.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blog' Lovin

Hey everyone, I just got blog'lovin and would love it if you guys followed me. If you enjoy my posts feel free to share on twitter, facebook, pintinterest really anything. Take care guys and till then ta ta.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thank You All So Much

Thanks For Everything!

September 29 is a memorable day for me. I was just relaxing doing nothing at the shopping mall waiting for family so I had a bit of time to reflect on life. And a flow of memories of people smiling popped into my mind and I realized, nothing in my life has made me or my family proud.


So as I was sitting a bunch of memories flowed through my head. Sure I had won a basketball trophy and a few medals for Academic Achievement but I have never heard my Mum or Dad say "I'm proud of you son". My parents didn't even watch me in my basketball grand final victory, that's how much they cared. Then after a lost train of thought I knew that I wanted to spread my opinion on important matters.

My Ideas

So my first thought on how to spread my ideas was youtube. I watched all these humorous videos and thought "hey I could be funny like these guys" but then my family relatives would watch and I would be too embarrassed to say anything. Then I thought that I could make a youtube gaming channel but lets be honest, no one will watch you if you are bad at gaming. Then after that idea I thought Instagram famous but I'm not a cute girl so no one will even bother to visit my home page let alone getting followers. Even though on Sunday 27th of September I had no ideas on how to spread my ideas this day would be the platform of helping start what is now history.

The State Back Then

When I got home on that Sunday I was deeply depressed. I had been unable to walk to friends house's as I had been recovering from my fractured foot but the worst thing however was that I was injured during school holidays. Every single minute inside felt like a needle piercing into my body. I remember after I had taken my shower I sat at the dinner table and played "What Ifs" over and over inside my head for half an hour. I definitely didn't cry but I was deeply saddened and I did not say much that night. Looking back it was all justified, I was physically and mentally weak while at that time my life looked destined for failure.

The Inspiration

So I woke up the next day just surfing the web. I was a bit depressed at the moment so I was doing things halfheartedly. However it all changed, the answer to my problem was right under my nose the whole time. For about a year I had constantly been reading about Chelsea. Everyday I would type Chelsea in google and click news. I was inspired about how online journalists would type up an article for everyone to read for free. Daily I had been wowed by these opinions and the best thing about it, was that they were just normal average day people sharing their opinion. Then that night I was reading one of my favorite books. Steve Jobs the biography may not seem like a thick book but to me it is pretty thick. I really enjoyed the way Walter Isaacson  explained everything in such detail with just words. It was truly magnificent and I hope to grab a few of his other books. I woke up next morning with a whole new outlook on life, while I was eating thoughts processed throughout my mind. It was then that I knew I wanted something to do with words. Blog!

And The Rest Is History

Tuesday October 1st my first every blog entry. I admit it probably wasn't the best way to start off. I think if I could change 1 thing it would be to not talk about sports that much in the 1st blog entry. I remember getting my first few viewers I was so ecstatic (they were probably bots). I was a bit disheartened at first since I was barely getting any views but then a short time passed and I got my first up vote. I thought WOW! This is it I'm gonna give it my all now. If there is one thing I would change it is not blogging much in November. It has been 10 days in and I have only put out 3 blog entries this month.

The Happiness You Guys Have Given Me

Blogging has been one of the greatest if not the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. Every single view I get, gives mes that extra bit of energy to get through the day. I remember on the first day back to school I told everyone I had just started a blog and it would be great if you all checked it out. Well! I coped a lot of  flak for that. Every time I answered a question or did something average someone would say "are you gonna write a blog on that". Honestly you guys don't know how amazing you guys are. Every time someone asks me "what is your greatest accomplishment so far in life"? I say "starting my blog". Sure I get the few weird looks but I am a blogger and proud :).

Where I Wanna Take This Blog

Currently I am hovering over the 1000 view mark, a quarter of them are probably bots so lets say 750 human viewers. I was ecstatic to get 1 view so everything now is a bonus. However I am scared that I may be moving too slowly. 750 views is definitely great but I have barely any followers so that is something I really wanna work on. Right now I'm just taking it 1 step at a time. One blog entry after another and hopefully it all goes well. By next month I wanna hover around 2.5 k views while producing really good content. 

Answers In the Comments Or Email Please

I have a few questions I need answered to take this blog to the next level.

1. Is it better I focus on quantity or quality etc 2 long blogs in a week or 5 short blogs in a week?

2. Do you guys like my layout?

4. Is my spelling and punctuation good?

3. And finally what can I do to improve this blog?

Thanks You All For Reading

It is you guys that give me the motivation to blog everyday. I have been undermined a lot early in my blogging days but you readers give me so much energy. Thank you guys for supporting me throughout the month even when I didn't post that regularly, hopefully this special monthly anniversary blog entry makes up for my lack of posting. Thanks again and here's to good times ahead :).

Monday, November 4, 2013

Always Connected

Always Connected

In games like Clash of Clans people from such far away distances can all be connected as if they are family. Where did I get this article idea from? Read and find out.

I was talking to one of my clan members today. He asked a few of us where we all lived (countries). It was first the countries I hear most often Australia and America then there were a few that surprised me. One person said South Africa and another one a country I had never heard of.

I find it amazing that people from such far away distances can communication wise be so close in just a space of a few minutes. I guess that is how far wi-fi has taken us.

But What Is The Point Of This Article

Just something that I stumbled upon that amazed me today. Even though wi-fi has been around for years it truly hit me today how far communication on the internet really goes.

Well I guess thats the article. Sorry for them being so short. I will definitely try and get something long by the end of the week. But school just drains so much I come home and I am just so tired. Anyways thanks for reading and till next time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Always Compared

Comparisons I Can Not Live Up To

In this brief article I am going to explain something that has always bugged me but its occurrence has been popping up a lot more recently.

My cousins are high achieving people. They all make it to University and are well educated high work ethic people. My family was so proud when my first cousin achieved such a high mark in HSC. That cousin now is the star of the family you could say, and at every family gathering there is always that mention of him being at the top of his game.

A few more cousins in and everyone that has had the chance to go to university has.

What Does This Mean?

I am constantly compared to my cousins now. Every single report, maths test and after every teach interview those names pop out of my Mums mouth. And I always reply to my Mum saying that the education system is broken but she always replies "Then how come your cousins made it through then"?

Well that's the article. Just something very quick and hopefully it provides a good idea of some of the main problems in my household. Anyways Thanks for reading and till next time.

Friday, November 1, 2013

From Top To Bottom (Literally)

The Week That Came From Hell

The last few days for me have been very challenging. Sorry I haven't been blogging lately but I am going through a mid life crisis something I seem to experience once every month. Last week things were looking up everything was in place for a happy year this week however, it feels as if I have been hit by a truck.

Seconds Feel Like Hours

Every second that ticks bye for me feels like an hour. Even writing this right now feels like I have been sitting here forever. Every time I win time just flies by but when I lose it feels like it's endless. I just really need this week to end.

I Stare At The Sky

I just stare at the sky wondering how it all went wrong. The winner becomes a big time LOSER and I always try to keep my head up but no resolve. Sometimes I think my mind is just playing games with me waiting till I crack, the only time you  know I will crack is when I fall silent. When I have nothing to say and my voice feels a little weak, that is the only time when you know I am not resolute.


Last week I was riding a cloud. Everything seemed to go right for me even when I was off my game. Now even when I am on my game it just does not click. I had just carried my basketball team twice to victories and this week my magic just disappeared.  If there was 1 thing in my life personality wise I wish I could change! It would be to always be consistent.

Yeah I guess that's pretty much it. Lately I've just been lying on my bed. Playing those missed opportunities over and over inside my head. Sorry for not posting lately I hope this article makes up for it. Thanks guys for reading and till next time.