Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why Bernie Sanders Should Be President

Bernie Sanders

I may not be an American, however, I have been following the upcoming Presidential Election closely, and there is no doubt in my mind that Bernie Sanders should be the next president. The mid 70's Democratic socialist, is in my opinion, the candidate whose policies are most relatable and just. I'm not a political aficionado by any means, however, Sanders is on the right path, his stances on topics such as health care and free college tuition are steps in the right direction. Australia for example, has free health care under their scheme called medicare, and also subsidies university fees with the Government funded scheme known as 'HECS'. Australia proves that these things Sanders wants to implement, can be done.

Sanders Vs Clinton

Before anything else, Sanders has to overcome Clinton for the nomination of the Democratic party. The problem is however, that currently with the amount of delegates Clinton has over Sanders, this does not seem unlikely. As a Sanders supporter though, I do believe in him and still cling onto that glimmer of hope, even if the maths is not in his favour, he can turn things around. 

This may not indicate much, but watching a plethora of Youtube vidoes of both Sanders and Clinton, I couldn't help but notice the like/dislike ratio. Sanders almost always is in the green, with a huge majority pressing the like button however, the same can not be said to Clinton. In almost every video which Clinton is featured in, the bar is ever so red and disapproving. The Youtube comments are even more hostile for Clinton, with many up voted comments announcing their disdain for Clinton as president.

Outsider Looking In And Sander's Policies

Many will pinpoint the fact that Sanders is a socialist, and is out of his depth however, as an outsider looking in, I can agree on almost all of Sander's main talking points. The Presidential hopeful is aiming to restore America's middle class, all over his social media outlets, there is a strong emphasis on taking away money from the major corporations, and promoting wealth equality. To me, these are not only policies, but also key foundations for a prosperous society. As an adolescent myself, some sort of college subsidising would be instrumental for the next generation of Americans, degrees cost exorbitant amounts of money, and they do not even come with a guarantee of a job to pay off the debts. Free healthcare is a must have for any society, and paid leave, Sanders is preaching the cores for a well-functioning society.

Overall, Sanders is just very likeable. Watching him on Youtube videos, his radiant smile and affable personality is very likeable. Even with his age, he is able to keep up the energy to match the more younger hosts.

Why I'll Be Disappointed If Sanders Loses

If Sanders fails to win at least the Democratic nomination, it will be a definite disappointment. With a loss, it would be unlikely that Sanders would run again for the Presidential throne. This would be a shame, since Sanders seems the most well-grounded and sophisticated out of all the hopefuls. I love rooting for underdogs, and there is no more quintessential underdog than Bernie Sanders.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Is It Really Just Bad Luck 

I'm at the park today, with phone in hand, and all of a sudden a basketball comes out of nowhere and dislodges the phone out of my hand, the phone falls to the ground and a noticeable crack all over the screen appears.

Miscellaneous occurrences such as these question my motives in life, they leave a detriment inside my mind which eventually collapses under the weight of its own pressure. I look back on moments and belittle myself for all those little things which could've prevented all the chance things to happen to me. Imagine if I sat somewhere else, imagine if the phone was in my pocket, imagine if I was the one shooting. Yet again, the person behind the trigger remains unpunished, what could I have said? "You owe me $450", no, I wouldn't want to cause unnecessary drawn out proceedings which would end up in many bridges burnt, the "sorry's" do not cut it, however, what else can be done?

The accumulation of all these unfortunate circumstances, question my social values and inner beliefs. Every Sunday I sit myself down, and ask myself "am I really all that I think to be", "am I after all this time, the real villain". 

Remaining upbeat and joyous under the watch of society's eyes is difficult when you are consistently berated. I masquerade the demons which haunt me when I return home, the passing away of my Grandmother is still taking its toll on me. To watch the only person in the world who loved you unconditionally descend to a state of paranoia and fear is sickening. Every afternoon, I'll take time and wander around the garden which both my Grandma and I raised together, allowing me to reflect on those moments we had together. I still get teary from time to time, moving on is too hard to bear, let alone comprehend. 

I can't bear it anymore, sooner rather than later, my mind will lost itself under the weight of its weight pressure. There is a widely cited Rocky Balboa quote, where Sylvester Stallone goes "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep going". I feel as if I every single time I'm about to pick myself up, a hit smashes me back down. Every single time I am about to reach Utopia, dystopia  drags me back down into among its depths. The world isn't fair, it's a commonly mutual worldwide belief, sometimes however I feel like, it's hardest on me.

Someone once told me, never to compare against anyone. My Mother compares frequently, however, I have never been fond of any of her wildest comparisons. Many of you may be thinking of how much of a pompous prick i am, I write a long blog post because my phone screen gets cracked while there are children out there below the poverty line. However, I've tried my best to fight and battle through these set backs, I have been constantly telling myself that things will get better, and I will succeed, but I've been defeated, I am now a shell of my former self. Every single time I've been set back, I tell myself to cop it on the chin, but now there is this ingrained mentality that it is now me against the world, it sounds so cliche, 'the world conspiring against you', but this is my reality.

The last few posts have been filled with negative connotations, however, the pessimistic outlook is what has been brooding in my life for the past couple of months. The heartbreak I feel, the mindset that no matter how hard you try, you still fail in the end, it's a toxic mindset and one which I never see myself mustering up the strength to escape. To live, or to die, I care no more, "Do I dare" and "Do I dare".

"I am no prophet- and here's no great matter" 
I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker"

I do not need help, my sense of self has been forever diminished, and the inner turmoil within my heart will perpetually carry on, as I drift through life, no more, no more.

"I should have been a pair of ragged claws"
"Scuttling across the floors of silent seas"

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

White Christmas

White Christmas

As I beckon on the eve of another Christmas and passing year, I like to reflect on events which defined the passing year. It reminds me of one my favourite quotes "The days are long but the years are short". When I made this blog around 2 years ago, I didn't think much of it, but it has been a long and arduous journey and here I am today.

With the days leading up to the festive season, I enjoy playing Michael Buble's Christmas album endlessly, in particular It's beginning to look like Christmas and White Christmas. Those songs really cheer me up and help me look ahead to better things.

I'll be honest, my Christmas expectations fall pretty short compared to those in the movies. Growing up, I never received presents, I had the odd secret santa a few years ago but that's about it. I have never had the feeling of sheer joy by the slow unravelling of wrapping paper which carefully encloses the surprise excitement ready to be opened. It doesn't get me down however, I think the most important thing during these festive times is spending it with family and friends, even though sometimes you can feel unappreciated.

Back to the family topic, presents was never really my shining point during these times, so I looked on the positive side and realised the bigger picture, everyone sitting at the dinner table together. For the first eleven months of the year, I have plans with family consistently cancelled because of their "busy schedules", with Christmas at least everyone shows up, there should really be no reason not to come.

And that sums up the blog, I would like to thank everyone for reading a summary of my thoughts on Christmas. I hope everyone enjoys these festivities with many friends and families and appreciates everything they receive. "The days are long but the years are short".

Monday, November 2, 2015


It's the lugubrious I've ever felt this year, the ambivalent feelings which flow throughout my body perpetuate. The drink in my hand doesn't help me realise how far the car has been parked away from the destination . It's another rainy and dispiriting weekend, the emergency beeper signals constantly throughout the emergency stay room. I cling onto the masquerade which is the emergency room, they try to exude an efficient demeanour however, that despicable room is filled too much with distress and anguish. As I walk through, mangled faces stare back, full of disappointment and sadness, the looks on their faces a cover up for the ominous and arduous night ahead.

As I wheel away trying to control myself, I cross paths with an old acquaintance. The lights are dim, reflective of the mood. I catch up with this old acquaintance, we reminisce on our times together two years ago and how drastically life has changed since then for the both of us. Because he is older, he automatically pertains to giving me advice about the future, and I listen intently carefully trying to ingrain every single bit of useful information, his foreshadows are hard to miss.

As I return to the hospital ward and take a glimpse at the beds, my heart not only dissolves but struggles to survive. I feel a strong heavy burden weighing on my shoulders, a raging sense of regret plaguing on my mind. I can play these same mistakes over and over in my mind, but there is not much I can do to change the past.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pessimism Exodus Melancholy

Storytelling/ Looking Back/Worries

It's been a very long time since my last blog post a little over a year ago, as I sit back typing mercilessly away at my keyboard, I reminisce on the joys and happiness which I felt, and the sadness and disappointment which has plagued me for the past year. I went through quite a few phases, my world perpetually shifted and shafted beneath my feet as the melancholy which harboured my insecurities steadily overtook my possibly ostentatious ego. I feel as if my best days are soon to be behind me, as the concussion I received in June 2014 will soon bring about my demise and slip me away into a precarious situation, which will then leave me as to no use in the world. Once the feeling of my existence beings to rot, I shall become a shell of my former self. Already I have denounced onto a stage of self-loathing and lethargy, my mind can't comprehend the direness of my situation, one day my brash and zealous nature will be no more, only to be left as a mere mortal, ceasing to exist.

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different"-C.S Lewis

I adore this quote, it truly resonates the inner feelings, as I being my descent and spiral downwards fall, the quote makes me realise to cherish the better days, so take away something from this post. Always treasure the days of happiness, you never know when it will be your last.

Touche Touche

Finally, I do admit that I have neglected this blog, as I so promised to work on, with my biggest lapse yet. I have let disappointed not only my followers, but indefinitely myself. As a child, I frequently waited for Youtube content creators to publish new videos, and the ones who seldom or took regular intermissions, I loathed and vowed to never become, however, it's funny how things always take a turn. Parting words, I do not promise any new blog posts, this may or may not be my last, I just want everyone to know, it has been one good ride guys.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Hunger


My recent exam results have made one thing abundantly clear, I need to get to the top. This is definitely no easy feat, only one person out of a hundred-and-twenty can obtain this dream of being the top. The feeling you get when you beat more than twenty people is amazing, put it in this selfish way,  other people have invested time and you have triumphed to prize something that they desire.

Always Down Below

It is so conspicuous to not only myself but also to my maths teacher, I am just not cutting it, being down at the bottom of the barrel is a crushing feeling. The feeling of last place is something I have vivid memories about. The reminiscent feeling of when everyone gets their test marks back and mine is the lowest, questions coupled with undermining starts taking place and mild paranoia occurs. Sure, there are at least a handful of students who disdain the worth of getting good grades in school however even they would feel at least a tiny bit of dismay when receiving news that they are the lowest.

My Story

 Honestly, if you guys haven't already figured out, I am very very competitive. Losing to me is like taking a bullet to the chest, the pain is unbearable. So in class we get our results back, one of the most excruciating,agonizing ways to return test marks is one by one, highest to lowest. The premonition of being one of the last marks called is just crushing.

Next Blog

My next blog is going to be about something that has been bothering me for a long time now, really need to get this off my chair. The mental scars are still open and the wound is still fresh ,constantly licked but to no avail.

Thank you guys for reading this short catch-up and I will see you guys very very soon!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Change in Equivalency


The Change that happened to me?

Change is defined by google as "make or become different". Something different that happened to me this year, my school. It has been a rough road but here are some ways I adapted.

Disconnected From The Past

Firstly one of the saddest things that came with my movement is the loss of former friendships. I hardly talked to any of my former friends for the first few months and still only keep up with about five percent of them. I became really good friends with one former classmate which I thought was going to last a decade, sadly I haven't heard from him in a very long time. I guess that is one of the sorrowful truths about change, things move out in your universe and then new things orbit you.

New Perspective

This move has really opened my perspective on the outside world. Almost all the moves I watch have something that befuddles up the story line and makes change, this probably happens in real life as well. This "change" has made me realise and given me a sip of life in the outside world. The outside world has been depicted as a very "cruel and mean place" (Rocky Balboa reference) and I guess this is just one of the sad truths I have to deal with.

Not All Smooth Sailing

My time at my new school hasn't been all been smooth sailing. There have definitely been a lot of tricky times but that's expected in almost any situation. Currently I have been undermined thoroughly by a lot of doubters including teachers. Last fortnight when I found out I didn't get the school captaincy, I was scarred mentally which scarcely, still remains.

Moving In And Out 

Every day this specific question pops into my mind, was the move worth it? Most days I would have to say yes but I do sometimes feel a little bit empty turning my back on the place that raised me throughout my junior years. I made a lot of special bonds there including a many memories, it is fairly similar to Lebron James moving back to Cleveland. A better opportunity and a greater challenge was presented so I fled on my horse. I can not lie however, I must admit that there are many times throughout the day where I reminisce  about the past, sometimes I do feel like going back but only for a day.