Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Wasting Of Precious Sport Time

The Wasting Time

Today in sport all I heard was moans and groans as the casual teacher somehow managed to ruin one of the easiest in the world.  Physical education teachers always complain that students are too noisy and rude but maybe if we actually played a game and skipped this idiotic mini game crap then maybe kids would not get angry. 

Just Let Us Play

I do not get the theory behind sport theory. Who talks about sport for 50 minutes. Whoever made up this idea is very impractical as I get very restless in these lessons. 

Easy Sports Turn Into History Lessons

I hate it so much when teachers have to take 15 minutes on how to play a simple sport such as football or basketball. Is it not in maths that we start with the basics 1+1=2 and so on and so on. They why can it not be like that in sport. Just tell us the simple easy steps like dribble the ball and do not take more than 2 steps when not dribbling and it's golden.

Alright thats the article. Sorry for it not being too long I have been a bit lazy since school and all. Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The People Around You

The Weakness In Modern School

Today I truly realized one of the biggest blunders in society. How can 1 teacher control 30 students? Of course there are going to be complications. But this can all be directed to the start, who's idea was it for 1 adult to control 30 sugar high kids?

Actually Trying To Learn

I felt pretty tired late into the day so I wanted to digest some facts into my brain. However the other 10 people though differently. They went on and on and just could not contain themselves for even a minute. I probably act like this a lot and if I was another student I would probably find myself annoying. Just why are the number so imbalanced? Maybe if teaching offered more money or rights then we would not have classes that exceed 25 students.

Too Distracting

If there are 29 bafoons in the class, then it is really hard for you not to become one. Eventually the teachers become irrelevant and students develop this energy and it goes crazy. Especially if they are teaching something that does not flavor with the students. They will go bezerk and teachers might as well say goodbye to any learning if they do not plan anything that stimulates students minds.

Teachers Scared Of The Critique The Students?

I do not know how many times this has happened. When the students become the teachers it always cracks me up. When the students "forcefully direct" the teacher to do what they want to do. This is how true teachers are determined and the weak ones will do whatever his/her children say. However if the teacher do not follow through then in lessons she should expect to cop a lot of "why do we do this miss? And the "I don't cares".

It All Adds Ups

In the end it all adds up. Students who receive and actually have a good mentality and attitude at home should succeed. Because what are they doing at school, slacking off. Teachers have lost that strong DNA in them and now students control the classroom. Lets put it this way, if the teacher got through the daily work and has time to set out homework yes HOMEWORK then the lesson was a success.

Alright that's the article. Been a bit tired lately so sorry for not posting for I think the last 4 days. I will probably try and give more of my opinions on schools so if anyone from the education departments wants to listen to more of my opinion as a student feel free to send me a Gmail. Thanks and see you guys next time.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Severely Sick

The Sickeness

It all started yesterday at about 8pm. Life was fine and everything was running smoothly until...

I got hungry then ate an apple to cap off the night. Then once I finished the apple my stomach was just like NOPE!

And now I am sitting here mulling over the pain in my stomach. I didn't get much sleep last night as it felt as if my stomach had a buffalo inside it. I woke up needing to puke straight away.

My sickness is probably diarrhea and I am drinking quite a bit of fluids so I do not get dehydrated. Any tips on how to tackle diarrhea? Please share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading really tired and till next time :).

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Lifeless Days

The Meh Days 

Everyone has had these days. The days where all you wanna do when you arrive home is nothing. The days that give a face where caring is the last thing to do. When feeling any emotion is out of the question and just the face of confusion hits. In this article I discuss why people are always feeling meh (nothing much).

Nobody There

Most people suck it in but I know countless friends who always feel abandoned. Even the strongest of people crack whenever they are alone. The feeling when even the smallest mistake in life will be big news for everyone else. And whenever they need a friend for them, no one is there. Little things like not responding to texts really hurts and gives that person a sense that they are not worthy or wanted, this is one of the things that makes them feel meh.

Not Doing What They Want

Everyone has dreams whether it's travelling the world or achieving a dream job however frankly most people do not achieve what they want in life. They tell themselves that someday they will do whatever they want but never bother chasing it. This leaves anguish and a lot of beating themselves up and will scar them everyday until they get that dream job. If you are doing something that you do not want too, of course you will always feel unworthy and uncaring all the time.


I say this in most of my blogs but this is really important. It is your attitude towards whatever you are doing that decides whether it is a meh day or not. It was what you think inside your mindset. Think about everything that you like and dislike, now it is the way you view these things that decide your energy towards them. It is these little things that decide how you feel for the day.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Heat (Weather)

The Warmth 

Currently my country is in spring however it feels as if i'm in summer. I can barely stand in the sun now for 10 seconds before my neck becomes a wet tea towel. I remember back in winter when it was really cold and always rainy that I would love it when summer comes, well that ain't going well.

This Year In Particular

It is this year in particular that has been bugging me. For the pat few years the weather has been bearable however this year it has been horrendous. Temperatures easily surpassing 34 degrees and staying at the level far beyond midday. 

The Beach

I think almost every kids dream while in the summer is to ditch everything and just go to the beach or the pools. The warmth is unbearable and I think schools should have at least one day in the spring and summer where they take students to the beach.

How To Keep Yourselves Chilly

Unless you work in an air conditioned office, good luck surviving the warmth for the rest of the summer. Stay chilly and sports should be laid back.

That is the article thanks for reading and please email anything you would like for future posts.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Holding Grudges

Holding Grudges

Ever had that one person that you just can not stand. That one person who's very existence annoys you. Well in my life I have encountered many family members like this and in this article I discuss grudges.

How Do You Form Grudges?

Friendships can be forged in a second but take forever to rebuild. It is tough thinking when you know that one wrong move could put you into the bad books. Some people have more patience than others but in almost every friendship there will be bumps along the road and it is how people react, that will then decide if the friendship will continue.

Staining Memory

The reputation people get when they screw up once in a while. Like for example someone steals another persons belongings. For the rest of their life their name will be thief.  " Hey thief could you lend me your pencil"?

How To Reforge The Bridge

It is so hard to rebuild a bridge. I resolve grudges with time (depending on the incident) and slowly the incident fades, time can always rebuild things however if it something really important either you or your friend will chase you down because they really care. And friends or colleagues who really care about you can most of the time be forgiven for one miss off.

That is the article thanks for reading. Family obligations have taken up my time but I admire the patience. Take care and have a good day :).

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mistakes! Cheer Em Up

Happy After Mistakes

The sports that are based off trust. Lets see cricket, volleyball, doubles tennis so many sports that give a break to watch your teammates perform. There are so many life situations when it is all about other humans trying to overcome a hurdle. Situation or Sport I explain the ways to improve your colleagues performance.

Positive Feedback Did that person make a huge mistake that may cost the outcome of good? DO NOT act like a really bad person and tell them that they should quit. Cheer em up make them happy, secretly compare their mistake to a larger one. So e.g "Hey Marco don't worry about that mistake, Charlie made an even bigger one a few weeks back". Encouragement is always better and make them feel well is the key.

Constructive Criticism Always be helpful. Maybe hint a few things that that person could have done better. Why are you blaming that persons mistakes when in human life everyone makes mistakes. Help that person fix that mistake while acting as polite as possible.

Always Next Time Unless you're going to be fired because of someone else ( I would get really angry if this happened to me) then always cheer that person up. Look at the postivies, hey at least it is not the end of the world.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Defying The Pain

Defying The Pain For All The Gain

I watched a Ted video once (not the movie, google it) and my whole outlook on life changed. I thought that talent in a particular area was 99% inbred and 1% skill. So every time I failed a subject I used the same excuse, I was born with it. But then like I said earlier I watched the Ted video and then the way I viewed talent changed.


Talent can be born however the only way for talent to be nurtured is with determination. That is how life tests you. It will constantly try to break your self belief down however if you truly are gifted in that area of skill then you will stand up once you get knocked, time and time again. If you know that what you are doing is right, then determination should always be there.

Investment In Time

I am truly inspired whenever I watch a comeback movie. The nostalgia i get whenever a person recovers after a setback is amazing to watch. I remember watching multiple movies when a child fails miserably at their sport and then after a lot of hours on the training ground, grit their way into the team. So if you truly want to succeed in an area then the only way is PRACTICE.  The more time you invest the better you will be overall. That is why in sport, there is more time training rather than playing.

No Talent At All?

Everyone is good at something. Just keep on looking, no one can be bad at everything since then you are good at nothing. See! so talent is everywhere. Everyone gets setback, just maintain a positive outlook and eventually you will find something you excel out.

Too Long Didnt Read?

Success is achieved with determination. The more you put in the more you get out. And everyone is goo at something just keep looking.

Thats the article thanks for reading sorry it was not too long just a bit tired the sun is blazing. If you guys are wondering why I haven't posted here for a while it is because I have been working on my gaming one

Friday, October 11, 2013

What Gives You Confidence?

What Makes You Confident?

Confidence is what drives emotion, strength and lust. It provides us with belief and it always found and lost at certain times. But there is no other emotion in the world I would trade for if I had to trade confidence. Here in this article I discuss what I have seen give people confidence or have experienced myself.

1. What You Think Of Something, This is the most important thing in delivering confidence. Your view on what you are doing is vital to becoming that confident person. So lets say for example you are playing a sport. If you believe that you are good enough or even say better than who you are playing against it gives you confidence right? However when you take on opposition that is clearly better than you, you just disappear into your shell. It is these views that we rub onto ourselves that decides our confidence.

2. The People Around You Sometimes it is amazing, when the people around you exert this influence that can make you so calm and confident. Work is so much better if your co-workers actually know what they are doing. Once you establish trust you know that there is always an emergency call right next to your office or wherever you work.

3. That First Time I am pretty sure every one of you guys/girls have gotten nervous at some stage in your life. But it is really hard when you have to learn something new and then once you do it for the first time e.g Doing a speech in the back of your mind, the next time you speak the comfort of doing a speech before should quench those nerves and provide you confidence.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Always Tired

Always Tired

Every single time, no mater where I am and no matter what I do I am always tired. I do a little bit of sport after about half an hour i am tired. Same with sitting on the couch, get tired of watching and my body is tired. But where it's the worse is when I wake up, I though having a rest meant that my body is replenished, but no once I wake up I just wanna go back to bed and then the whole process just starts back up again.

What Makes Me Always Tired?

I think lately my energy rates have been crappy because of my pantry. I barely have any sugary foods in my cupboard and that is causing me a huge deal of problems. So you could say that my energy rates are dependent on the foods I eat and I do not think rice is enough for me to last through the day.

Yawning -.-

This really sucks when I am at school. A teacher is teaching a really boring lesson and I cannot help it but to give just a little yawn and once you do that you will regret it straight away. Because then the teacher thinks that you are too good for them and it just becomes a nightmare while you re awake, or asleep.

Cannot Do Anything

So since I have no energy I am practically screwed. Simply I just cannot do anything then just put my head on the table. Every single day I tell myself "Tomorrow I will have the energy", Well that is useless since I never do it just becomes a useless saying. It sucks so to sum up, depending on what food I have in the pantry is how energized I will be during the week and this week is not the week.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Click Clack Sit Back

Click Clack Sit Back

Having the chance to relax is very rare nowadays. Everyone's busy with their job and this leaves less time to just click clack sit back. Here are a few ways to make yourself time so you can enjoy yourself.

1. Clear It All Got a heavy burden that you need finished. Why not do it after you read this blog? Get all your work up to date and you'll feel great. The feeling you get when everything's off your chest is amazing and then you will finally pay all your attention to relaxing. Or you could also do your work but by bit then there should be that special day off.

2. Sit Down And Nap A great way to relax is sleep. Just sit on your couch and then while you slowly doze off BAM! Your asleep.  And then you wake up a few hours later feeling fresh and ready to finish off the day. It all starts on the couch or bed and then your asleep.

3. Or Just Relax Sometimes the best solution when you've got a pile of work in front of your face is too just sit back and relax. But the only problem with this one is that if you didn't do the work when you were relaxing then you probably won't do the work when you wake up. Just sit on your cocah or bed and give yourself time to refresh and life should look a lot better after that nap. But if you get fired from work because you didn't do any work don't blame me since you can do it after you wake up :).

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waking Up

Waking Up
Ding....Ding...Ding.... ARGHH the noise of the alarm bells. One of the most annoying things you could hear is the sound of waking up. For 8 hours its as if your in this bubble of relaxation, then it just goes poof. Having trouble waking up? Yeah I have the same problem but here are 3 ways I wake myself up.

1. Brute Force The alarm bell rings eh, and you don't wanna get up and your just lying there snuggling with your blankets. Then what I suggest is the brute wake up. Just throw away all your blankets and once you get hit with the blistering cold you're bound not to bother going back to bed.

2. Brute Force And Relaxation Enjoy a little bit more then. Are you a real snoozer? then set your alarm clock about 10 minutes before your supposed to wake up. Enjoy a bit of a nap then use the brute force tactic.

3. Just Snooze Then And finally, if everything else fails might as well just sleep in since you don't care about your life. Go enjoy your nap get fired for coming late every day of the week. If your nap is more important than your job or family obligation then you are definitely better spending your time with your bed.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

School Holidays Over! What Already :(

Bye Bye Freedom

For many kids the last day of holiday is the worst. The silence and the trauma (over exaggerated) you feel when you wake up in the morning is incredible. Everything you do is dimmed down to pain as in the back of your mind it's the inevitable.  Schools Back -.-

For many parents, this is the time that they can sit back and relax. Their 2 weeks of suffering is gone and now us kids have to suffer for the next 3 months.


And then I wonder? what could I have done these holidays to make it better. I'm just speechless because in the next 36 hours i'm back to school. It feels as if it was yesterday when It was my last day of school and now I'm back already,.

But How Come I Don't Wanna Go Back To School?

Firstly the fact that I have to wake up at 7 in the morning is not very ideal. Secondly I feel as if since I'm spending my time at school, my time is limited to do the things that I wanna do. What would you rather do? Writing notes about how to describe adjectives in Japanese Or Blog with your fellow bloggers. And I feel as if im on a treadmill. I'm walking and walking but getting no where :(. Plus if I dont make it too University then these last 14 years of my life (+preschool kindergarten) have been a bit of a waste.

Good Ride

My holidays was a good ride while it lasted. Waking up at 9 everyday to relax and just regather myself, I just wish that it would last a little bit longer maybe an extra week or 2. But know all I can do is develop the right attitude to get through my last term.

So Much Success Around The World

It's a bit hard to learn when you know that people who have dropped out of school have gone on to achieve such great things. Take Sir Richard Branson for example, He left school and look at him now. CEO of Virgin (the company that provides airways, phone billing and even space travel). Then we have Bill Gates the list just goes on and on it just boggles your imagination. Now I definitely do not want to drop out but it's just amazing as the saying goes "If you chase your dreams, You can get anywhere".

Alright thats the article. We went a little off track though but thanks for reading this rant about school. Regarding going back to school I will only be able to post 1 article a day once I get back so i'm really sorry about that but hey at least I get to blog once I come home. If you liked it you can add me to circles and thanks for reading, have a good day :).

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Education Dilemma

High School And The Flaws In It 

If you ever went to high school or are currently in one this article is for you. I share my opinions as an Australian high school student and what I believe to be the flaws and mistakes that I experienced so far in my schooling life. I may be wrong but here it goes.

"Co-Curricular" Mess

In most schools it's Maths and English that dominate studies and rightly so. These subjects are needed in everyday life however it's what follows that causes the problem. In the first two years of Australian high school, students are unable to control what they want to learn and thus this makes me very angry. At least 40 minutes a day i'm wasting my time in a study that simply 'I do not care about'.  And then whenever you try an give "constructive criticism" to a "co-curricular teacher", straight away us students get brushed away. Yes I know the teachers went to University and we didn't but whenever a student knows their right it's like a pocket rocket, they shoot up and then go down because of the teachers incompetence.


It's such a shame isn't it. There are barely any teachers now that can really connect too you emotionally. As a student I want a teacher that I can look up too, a  teacher that I would share a few secrets with and a teacher than I can have a have a bit of a joke with. However also a teacher that will push us and give us good reasons for it and will put in effort for his/her children. How can I be motivated to work if my teacher just sits there and makes us copy off the board and hands out worksheets like their food samples.

Which Way Of Learning Is Better

Brute force like copying off the whiteboard or carefully planned lessons that gives us variety. Out of all my music lessons I only remember one clearly. Every lesson my music teacher would just spit out facts and names of instruments I never thought existed  and it never sunk in. However there was this one really good lesson where she put her own time into making a great crossword and for the first time it looked like she actually cared and because she had invested her time into us kids, the class were well-behaved for the whole lesson. Now I'm not saying that teachers should always give us crosswords and free time however all I want is proof from the teachers that she/he actually cares about us and would spend her time to enrich our learning.

Lower Ranked!

I'm sure its not very pleasing too be told that you're inferior to the top class. And I know last year I was at near rock bottom of the class placings and multiple times when my class wasn't on their best behavior straight away the teacher would be like "Why can't you be like the top class"?. And every time there was actually a good lesson the feel good vibe is wrecked when the teacher slips in that sneaky comment like "Today on your behavior I thought you guys were the top class". 


Eventually I did work hard enough to get to the top class, and what a mistake that was! The difference was amazing compared to rock bottom all the way to the top of the food chain. Whenever I did a test fail or pass the teacher would always cheer me up. 80% very good job 55% not the best job but at least you passed :) 45% don't worry you got it next time. Then when you get to the top your always expected to be good at every subject and whenever you got your test results it was always the worst.  Failed: No comment for the whole lesson the teacher would stay away from you. Around 50-75%: I was hoping you would get a bit higher. At the top: Just a quick mention then straight away the teacher starts reviewing the test.

Part 2 will be coming out later in the week. I go back to school this week :L. Hope this article gave you a good insight into my high school life and please share yours in the comment section down below. If you liked it please follow me or you can add me to your circle. If you have any special requests for my next post you can e-mail me and thanks for reading :).

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pressure And Stress (Insight)

Pressure And Stress

Oh Pressure!

Stress/Pressure.......  Once it's finished it goes two ways, to joy and to heartbreak. The thing is you can't prepare for it, there is no training for pressure you're either in it or out. At least one time in your lifetime you've felt the long cold silence and the scary stare from your boss or teachers that makes you shiver in your boots. But the question is why do we have pressure? And stress? you're probably thinking where is this going?


It's all about your attitude to pressure, you either dread it and do absolutely nothing or take it as a challenge, obstacle and take it on. Its all about your mindset yes you. If there's a maths test tomorrow you either mourn and gloom all day or you can challenge it to get at least over 80%.

How To Avoid Stress?

It's easy you've got a couple of assignments?  Definitely don't leave for the last minute or the last couple of days for that matter. I've had many assignments that I just brush over because their you know shooosh don't tell anyone but I bursh them over because their co-curricular :L. If their not part of my major learning whats the point? Maybe I should leave this for another article.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Struggles In Life

I'm still in school but over these last few years I've experienced a lot.  It seems as if every time my life was looking up something would just hit me and I would come crashing down. I remember all those times I couldn't sleep because some burden was coming over me and every time and I mean every time there was a lot of pressure on me I crippled, crumbled and fell flat on my face. The last few years of my life have definitely been the roughest.

The Moments

1 thing I hate about life, it's that the negatives always outweigh the positives. It's like whenever I achieve something great it only lasts about a day however when I do something really bad it sticks with me forever. There's so much pressure on you and I to always give 100% but no one is perfect and there are always those moments that you play in your head over and over again.

The Dream As A Kid

I pondered day and night figuring out the answer to true success. Like almost every kid all I wanted in life was money and fame. However with all the problems in my life I knew that I would be the last person to achieve glory.

The Shape I'm In Now

Right now I'm just sitting at home recovering from a fractured foot. This will most likely rule me out for a couple of weeks of basketball even though I've recovered from a fractured wrist :(.

Alright that's it for the day. Thank you everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please comment in the section below any mistakes I may have made or any of your own personal experiences :).

Abit About Myself

Hi Everyone!

You know how people describe themselves in two words well I still haven't figured out what two words I would use. I guess all I can say is I hope this blog will help me found those words but anyways I guess I should probably talk about myself


The sport I'm playing right now is basketball but I have a sport attention span so next year I'll probably be playing something else. However my favorite team in the nba is the Miami Heat, the way they play is exceptional and everyone gives all the attention to Lebron James however Dwayne Wade is my most favored player in the heat line-up. His ability to sink in baskets when hes been pushed around is exceptional and hes just really quick.


As much as I love the Miami Heat, Chelsea will be my favorite team forever. I remember in primary school everyone and I mean just about everyone used to be Manchester United fans and that began my interest in soccer or should I say football. I went home that day downloading I think it was fifa 10 on my laptop and I remember opening the program ready to play Manchester United the team that everyone was talking about however I scrolled over to their emblem only to find out that it was locked on the demo version....... my heart sunk however I was still determined to play another team and there they were I flicked through the teams to find the one that I will stick with forever Chelsea. And I still remember torturing defenders with Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard while keeping clean sheets with John Terry and Ashley Cole. Those memories of tearing apart enemy teams on beginner :L will stay with me forever.

I guess that's it, hopefully I've explained a decent detail about myself and I plan to blog other categories like Lifestyle and Technology rather than just sport. Anyways hopefully I didn't bore you guys out so you'll stick for my future blogs and yeah.

If you liked it please share and comment down below anything I did wrong and thanks for reading Cheers Bobby Brah