Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mistakes! Cheer Em Up

Happy After Mistakes

The sports that are based off trust. Lets see cricket, volleyball, doubles tennis so many sports that give a break to watch your teammates perform. There are so many life situations when it is all about other humans trying to overcome a hurdle. Situation or Sport I explain the ways to improve your colleagues performance.

Positive Feedback Did that person make a huge mistake that may cost the outcome of good? DO NOT act like a really bad person and tell them that they should quit. Cheer em up make them happy, secretly compare their mistake to a larger one. So e.g "Hey Marco don't worry about that mistake, Charlie made an even bigger one a few weeks back". Encouragement is always better and make them feel well is the key.

Constructive Criticism Always be helpful. Maybe hint a few things that that person could have done better. Why are you blaming that persons mistakes when in human life everyone makes mistakes. Help that person fix that mistake while acting as polite as possible.

Always Next Time Unless you're going to be fired because of someone else ( I would get really angry if this happened to me) then always cheer that person up. Look at the postivies, hey at least it is not the end of the world.

Alright that is the article. Thanks for reading and follow if you enjoyed, Cheers :).

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