Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Wasting Of Precious Sport Time

The Wasting Time

Today in sport all I heard was moans and groans as the casual teacher somehow managed to ruin one of the easiest in the world.  Physical education teachers always complain that students are too noisy and rude but maybe if we actually played a game and skipped this idiotic mini game crap then maybe kids would not get angry. 

Just Let Us Play

I do not get the theory behind sport theory. Who talks about sport for 50 minutes. Whoever made up this idea is very impractical as I get very restless in these lessons. 

Easy Sports Turn Into History Lessons

I hate it so much when teachers have to take 15 minutes on how to play a simple sport such as football or basketball. Is it not in maths that we start with the basics 1+1=2 and so on and so on. They why can it not be like that in sport. Just tell us the simple easy steps like dribble the ball and do not take more than 2 steps when not dribbling and it's golden.

Alright thats the article. Sorry for it not being too long I have been a bit lazy since school and all. Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow

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