Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Hunger


My recent exam results have made one thing abundantly clear, I need to get to the top. This is definitely no easy feat, only one person out of a hundred-and-twenty can obtain this dream of being the top. The feeling you get when you beat more than twenty people is amazing, put it in this selfish way,  other people have invested time and you have triumphed to prize something that they desire.

Always Down Below

It is so conspicuous to not only myself but also to my maths teacher, I am just not cutting it, being down at the bottom of the barrel is a crushing feeling. The feeling of last place is something I have vivid memories about. The reminiscent feeling of when everyone gets their test marks back and mine is the lowest, questions coupled with undermining starts taking place and mild paranoia occurs. Sure, there are at least a handful of students who disdain the worth of getting good grades in school however even they would feel at least a tiny bit of dismay when receiving news that they are the lowest.

My Story

 Honestly, if you guys haven't already figured out, I am very very competitive. Losing to me is like taking a bullet to the chest, the pain is unbearable. So in class we get our results back, one of the most excruciating,agonizing ways to return test marks is one by one, highest to lowest. The premonition of being one of the last marks called is just crushing.

Next Blog

My next blog is going to be about something that has been bothering me for a long time now, really need to get this off my chair. The mental scars are still open and the wound is still fresh ,constantly licked but to no avail.

Thank you guys for reading this short catch-up and I will see you guys very very soon!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Change in Equivalency


The Change that happened to me?

Change is defined by google as "make or become different". Something different that happened to me this year, my school. It has been a rough road but here are some ways I adapted.

Disconnected From The Past

Firstly one of the saddest things that came with my movement is the loss of former friendships. I hardly talked to any of my former friends for the first few months and still only keep up with about five percent of them. I became really good friends with one former classmate which I thought was going to last a decade, sadly I haven't heard from him in a very long time. I guess that is one of the sorrowful truths about change, things move out in your universe and then new things orbit you.

New Perspective

This move has really opened my perspective on the outside world. Almost all the moves I watch have something that befuddles up the story line and makes change, this probably happens in real life as well. This "change" has made me realise and given me a sip of life in the outside world. The outside world has been depicted as a very "cruel and mean place" (Rocky Balboa reference) and I guess this is just one of the sad truths I have to deal with.

Not All Smooth Sailing

My time at my new school hasn't been all been smooth sailing. There have definitely been a lot of tricky times but that's expected in almost any situation. Currently I have been undermined thoroughly by a lot of doubters including teachers. Last fortnight when I found out I didn't get the school captaincy, I was scarred mentally which scarcely, still remains.

Moving In And Out 

Every day this specific question pops into my mind, was the move worth it? Most days I would have to say yes but I do sometimes feel a little bit empty turning my back on the place that raised me throughout my junior years. I made a lot of special bonds there including a many memories, it is fairly similar to Lebron James moving back to Cleveland. A better opportunity and a greater challenge was presented so I fled on my horse. I can not lie however, I must admit that there are many times throughout the day where I reminisce  about the past, sometimes I do feel like going back but only for a day.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Where Have You Been Bobby?

It has been a really long time since my last blog post. I think first a lot of things need to be cleared

1. I am sorry for my lack of posts.

2. I have been lazy.

3. Adjusting to new school has been difficult but at the same time time-consuming and amazing.

4. No I have not disappeared off the face of the earth

Now let us not beat the bush. Straight up reason why there hasn't been a lot of posts lately is the lack of motivation. I wrote quite a few articles last year and felt burnt out, and then when I had to "change" it took a bit of time adjusting. Currently I am in a good mental shape and once exams are over and holidays come rolling in so will the blog posts! 

I would like to thank my loyal followers for sticking with me, I appreciate every single on of you's and care deeply all for your well-being. Please feel free to message me, anyways take care everyone, new article will be out before the end of the week on how I am doing and my wellbeing!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Writers Block

Writers Block

Since my last post I have been suffering with material. I am very sorry for the lack of posts however I just could not think. I thought my other 40 or so post would keep you entertained for a while so I did not really bother with updating. However now I am back and have a lot of ideas flowing. Thank you for the patience and take care. :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The "Envy" Feeling

Envying Successors 

While I was speaking with my cousin we got into a riveting conversation. We discussed what it would be like to have a plethora of success. Sadly however we came to the conclusion that having success would just lead to a bucketful of hate.

Have you played Flappy Bird yet? If so then the news of it being taken down a weeks after its breakthrough would be no surprise. In this world no one would enjoy being a hated figure however what the inventor of flappy bird has received is saddening. All he wanted was to create a game for people to enjoy however sadly it hasn't gone the way he would've imagined.

Lets picture sports teams. I love my sports and teams that always win do not get a liking from me. I hate winners unless they are Chelsea or Barcelona. I am pretty sure everyone loves a good underdog. A team that will give everything they got for just a little extra until they finally prevail. However I think what I have been blinded by is the fact that it's not luck or referees it is my failed opinion to recognize the skill in which winners have.

Everyone loves to win who doesn't but its when you win too much others start to envy you. Yet what people do not realize is that it is your dedication and hard training that gets you too success. A few years ago I wouldn't say congratulations whenever my friends got an entry into some State Sport selection and believed that If I had there resources I would be in the national team by now. However it was my conceitedness that made me think that way but now I realize that other people work hard to get where they want too be.

Anyways I guess that wraps up the article. If you have any questions please leave a comment down below and till next time.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Private Or Public?

Private Or Public Schooling? My View


Last year I made the decision to leave my local public high school for a more luxurious private high school. I have lost many friendships and teacher bonds that used to encircle my life however the gain was that I could receive a more modern, stricter and a more well rounded education. It has been two very long days into my new school and here are some of my thoughts.

The Public Problems

Ever heard the saying "A great school is the people around it". While I was at my local high school the people around me where clueless noggins always speaking out of turn and doing some sort of crazy "comparison" like doing push ups at the back of the classroom or showing off "guns". Teachers have no control over anything as there would be multiple culprits. As the teachers always say "I am only one person and you guys are twenty plus". Public High Schools is like candy falling on the ground and the desperate children pick it up. This may sound a  bit "biased" however two years getting education from a trash can has made me fed up.

Private Praise

From the first moment I stepped in the office I knew that my newly adopted private school meant business. Everything was so professional, from the clean and impressive office to the teenagers calmly sitting down and chatty. The teachers and staff were so friendly I would gladly join their "school family". I felt very welcome from the first minute I met my year coordinator. The school had this calm and sensible feeling something that lacks in public schools. However what most surprised me is that in class there is so much respect but occasionally there is the odd outburst yet everyone settles down when the teachers talk. Like I said before, a great school is a one with great people around it, private schools are serious and therefore the people that enter aren't morons otherwise they get dealt with quickly. For me this saying can apply to my opinion on schools "You get what you pay". 

The Fees Though?

I have had many talks with my mum on "education" and the question I ask the most is " Why do people go to University when the fees are so much". And my mum always replies "They pay a lot now however when they get a good job it will pay back very soon". Now I'm not trying to convince you to go to a private school however what I am saying is that sometimes its worth it.

My Final Thoughts!

This article may seem very biased towards public high schools but take my opinion with a grain of my salt and make your own judgement. I consider myself very lucky to have "escaped" the clutches of a public school. Now after you read this article you may think that all public schools suck however not all of em. Sadly I was put into a terrible public school and I think that's why my taste is very sour. The students there weren't the brightest intellectually although very friendly and nice however the staff were very lacking and definitely not dedicated  in my old public high school.

Thank you everyone for reading! Sorry for not posting regularly however this will most likely change since I will be receiving mac books at my new private school, so when I have spare time in class I blog. That's the article I hope you guys enjoyed and till next time :D.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crazy Holidays

Crazy Holidays

I work tirelessly trying to provide extra help for family members in this time of commitment that I must provide. These holidays have been torrid for me and all because of one person, yes one person has ruined my holidays.

My holidays were all planned out for me to enjoy. However the arrival of my cousin from overseas has squandered any joy that I would have bathed in.

The Havoc He Has Caused
My house has seen some noticeable changes ever since my eleven yr old cousin arrived. He has

  • scratched the bedroom walls
  • smashed the scooter all around the walls
  • broken the outside door
  • eaten all my junk food (one time I caught him hiding honey soy chicken chips in his room) while not even bothered to eat the healthy foods such as rice fruit veggies my family put on his plate.
Worst Of All
Worst of all is the language barrier. His English is of a kindergarten level so I have troubles guiding him around. Times are getting tough and he'll be living with me for the next month.

All In All

Very sorry, blogs having been coming out rapidly but hopefully you guys can understand the troubles I am going through. Thanks for the support and till next time.