Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waking Up

Waking Up
Ding....Ding...Ding.... ARGHH the noise of the alarm bells. One of the most annoying things you could hear is the sound of waking up. For 8 hours its as if your in this bubble of relaxation, then it just goes poof. Having trouble waking up? Yeah I have the same problem but here are 3 ways I wake myself up.

1. Brute Force The alarm bell rings eh, and you don't wanna get up and your just lying there snuggling with your blankets. Then what I suggest is the brute wake up. Just throw away all your blankets and once you get hit with the blistering cold you're bound not to bother going back to bed.

2. Brute Force And Relaxation Enjoy a little bit more then. Are you a real snoozer? then set your alarm clock about 10 minutes before your supposed to wake up. Enjoy a bit of a nap then use the brute force tactic.

3. Just Snooze Then And finally, if everything else fails might as well just sleep in since you don't care about your life. Go enjoy your nap get fired for coming late every day of the week. If your nap is more important than your job or family obligation then you are definitely better spending your time with your bed.

Please Comment Or Gmail it's starting to get a bit lazy since I'm not getting any feedback. Oh yeah and I go back to school tomorrow and sorry American Readers but because of school my blogs will be published at around 10 pm for you guys so:( sorry for the inconvenience but at least you can read them in the morning. Have a nice day cause I know I wont with school at the back of my mind and thanks for reading.

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