Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Lifeless Days

The Meh Days 

Everyone has had these days. The days where all you wanna do when you arrive home is nothing. The days that give a face where caring is the last thing to do. When feeling any emotion is out of the question and just the face of confusion hits. In this article I discuss why people are always feeling meh (nothing much).

Nobody There

Most people suck it in but I know countless friends who always feel abandoned. Even the strongest of people crack whenever they are alone. The feeling when even the smallest mistake in life will be big news for everyone else. And whenever they need a friend for them, no one is there. Little things like not responding to texts really hurts and gives that person a sense that they are not worthy or wanted, this is one of the things that makes them feel meh.

Not Doing What They Want

Everyone has dreams whether it's travelling the world or achieving a dream job however frankly most people do not achieve what they want in life. They tell themselves that someday they will do whatever they want but never bother chasing it. This leaves anguish and a lot of beating themselves up and will scar them everyday until they get that dream job. If you are doing something that you do not want too, of course you will always feel unworthy and uncaring all the time.


I say this in most of my blogs but this is really important. It is your attitude towards whatever you are doing that decides whether it is a meh day or not. It was what you think inside your mindset. Think about everything that you like and dislike, now it is the way you view these things that decide your energy towards them. It is these little things that decide how you feel for the day.

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