Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pressure And Stress (Insight)

Pressure And Stress

Oh Pressure!

Stress/Pressure.......  Once it's finished it goes two ways, to joy and to heartbreak. The thing is you can't prepare for it, there is no training for pressure you're either in it or out. At least one time in your lifetime you've felt the long cold silence and the scary stare from your boss or teachers that makes you shiver in your boots. But the question is why do we have pressure? And stress? you're probably thinking where is this going?


It's all about your attitude to pressure, you either dread it and do absolutely nothing or take it as a challenge, obstacle and take it on. Its all about your mindset yes you. If there's a maths test tomorrow you either mourn and gloom all day or you can challenge it to get at least over 80%.

How To Avoid Stress?

It's easy you've got a couple of assignments?  Definitely don't leave for the last minute or the last couple of days for that matter. I've had many assignments that I just brush over because their you know shooosh don't tell anyone but I bursh them over because their co-curricular :L. If their not part of my major learning whats the point? Maybe I should leave this for another article.

That's the article :(  thanks for reading and please follow me if you liked it. :)

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