Saturday, October 19, 2013

Holding Grudges

Holding Grudges

Ever had that one person that you just can not stand. That one person who's very existence annoys you. Well in my life I have encountered many family members like this and in this article I discuss grudges.

How Do You Form Grudges?

Friendships can be forged in a second but take forever to rebuild. It is tough thinking when you know that one wrong move could put you into the bad books. Some people have more patience than others but in almost every friendship there will be bumps along the road and it is how people react, that will then decide if the friendship will continue.

Staining Memory

The reputation people get when they screw up once in a while. Like for example someone steals another persons belongings. For the rest of their life their name will be thief.  " Hey thief could you lend me your pencil"?

How To Reforge The Bridge

It is so hard to rebuild a bridge. I resolve grudges with time (depending on the incident) and slowly the incident fades, time can always rebuild things however if it something really important either you or your friend will chase you down because they really care. And friends or colleagues who really care about you can most of the time be forgiven for one miss off.

That is the article thanks for reading. Family obligations have taken up my time but I admire the patience. Take care and have a good day :).

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