Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Abit About Myself

Hi Everyone!

You know how people describe themselves in two words well I still haven't figured out what two words I would use. I guess all I can say is I hope this blog will help me found those words but anyways I guess I should probably talk about myself


The sport I'm playing right now is basketball but I have a sport attention span so next year I'll probably be playing something else. However my favorite team in the nba is the Miami Heat, the way they play is exceptional and everyone gives all the attention to Lebron James however Dwayne Wade is my most favored player in the heat line-up. His ability to sink in baskets when hes been pushed around is exceptional and hes just really quick.


As much as I love the Miami Heat, Chelsea will be my favorite team forever. I remember in primary school everyone and I mean just about everyone used to be Manchester United fans and that began my interest in soccer or should I say football. I went home that day downloading I think it was fifa 10 on my laptop and I remember opening the program ready to play Manchester United the team that everyone was talking about however I scrolled over to their emblem only to find out that it was locked on the demo version....... my heart sunk however I was still determined to play another team and there they were I flicked through the teams to find the one that I will stick with forever Chelsea. And I still remember torturing defenders with Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard while keeping clean sheets with John Terry and Ashley Cole. Those memories of tearing apart enemy teams on beginner :L will stay with me forever.

I guess that's it, hopefully I've explained a decent detail about myself and I plan to blog other categories like Lifestyle and Technology rather than just sport. Anyways hopefully I didn't bore you guys out so you'll stick for my future blogs and yeah.

If you liked it please share and comment down below anything I did wrong and thanks for reading Cheers Bobby Brah

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