Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Heat (Weather)

The Warmth 

Currently my country is in spring however it feels as if i'm in summer. I can barely stand in the sun now for 10 seconds before my neck becomes a wet tea towel. I remember back in winter when it was really cold and always rainy that I would love it when summer comes, well that ain't going well.

This Year In Particular

It is this year in particular that has been bugging me. For the pat few years the weather has been bearable however this year it has been horrendous. Temperatures easily surpassing 34 degrees and staying at the level far beyond midday. 

The Beach

I think almost every kids dream while in the summer is to ditch everything and just go to the beach or the pools. The warmth is unbearable and I think schools should have at least one day in the spring and summer where they take students to the beach.

How To Keep Yourselves Chilly

Unless you work in an air conditioned office, good luck surviving the warmth for the rest of the summer. Stay chilly and sports should be laid back.

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