Monday, October 14, 2013

Defying The Pain

Defying The Pain For All The Gain

I watched a Ted video once (not the movie, google it) and my whole outlook on life changed. I thought that talent in a particular area was 99% inbred and 1% skill. So every time I failed a subject I used the same excuse, I was born with it. But then like I said earlier I watched the Ted video and then the way I viewed talent changed.


Talent can be born however the only way for talent to be nurtured is with determination. That is how life tests you. It will constantly try to break your self belief down however if you truly are gifted in that area of skill then you will stand up once you get knocked, time and time again. If you know that what you are doing is right, then determination should always be there.

Investment In Time

I am truly inspired whenever I watch a comeback movie. The nostalgia i get whenever a person recovers after a setback is amazing to watch. I remember watching multiple movies when a child fails miserably at their sport and then after a lot of hours on the training ground, grit their way into the team. So if you truly want to succeed in an area then the only way is PRACTICE.  The more time you invest the better you will be overall. That is why in sport, there is more time training rather than playing.

No Talent At All?

Everyone is good at something. Just keep on looking, no one can be bad at everything since then you are good at nothing. See! so talent is everywhere. Everyone gets setback, just maintain a positive outlook and eventually you will find something you excel out.

Too Long Didnt Read?

Success is achieved with determination. The more you put in the more you get out. And everyone is goo at something just keep looking.

Thats the article thanks for reading sorry it was not too long just a bit tired the sun is blazing. If you guys are wondering why I haven't posted here for a while it is because I have been working on my gaming one

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