Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Always Tired

Always Tired

Every single time, no mater where I am and no matter what I do I am always tired. I do a little bit of sport after about half an hour i am tired. Same with sitting on the couch, get tired of watching and my body is tired. But where it's the worse is when I wake up, I though having a rest meant that my body is replenished, but no once I wake up I just wanna go back to bed and then the whole process just starts back up again.

What Makes Me Always Tired?

I think lately my energy rates have been crappy because of my pantry. I barely have any sugary foods in my cupboard and that is causing me a huge deal of problems. So you could say that my energy rates are dependent on the foods I eat and I do not think rice is enough for me to last through the day.

Yawning -.-

This really sucks when I am at school. A teacher is teaching a really boring lesson and I cannot help it but to give just a little yawn and once you do that you will regret it straight away. Because then the teacher thinks that you are too good for them and it just becomes a nightmare while you re awake, or asleep.

Cannot Do Anything

So since I have no energy I am practically screwed. Simply I just cannot do anything then just put my head on the table. Every single day I tell myself "Tomorrow I will have the energy", Well that is useless since I never do it just becomes a useless saying. It sucks so to sum up, depending on what food I have in the pantry is how energized I will be during the week and this week is not the week.

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