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Waking Up
Ding....Ding...Ding.... ARGHH the noise of the alarm bells. One of the most annoying things you could hear is the sound of waking up. For 8 hours its as if your in this bubble of relaxation, then it just goes poof. Having trouble waking up? Yeah I have the same problem but here are 3 ways I wake myself up.

1. Brute Force The alarm bell rings eh, and you don't wanna get up and your just lying there snuggling with your blankets. Then what I suggest is the brute wake up. Just throw away all your blankets and once you get hit with the blistering cold you're bound not to bother going back to bed.

2. Brute Force And Relaxation Enjoy a little bit more then. Are you a real snoozer? then set your alarm clock about 10 minutes before your supposed to wake up. Enjoy a bit of a nap then use the brute force tactic.

3. Just Snooze Then And finally, if everything else fails might as well just sleep in since you don't care about your life. Go enjoy your nap get fired for coming late every day of the week. If your nap is more important than your job or family obligation then you are definitely better spending your time with your bed.

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The Warmth 

Currently my country is in spring however it feels as if i'm in summer. I can barely stand in the sun now for 10 seconds before my neck becomes a wet tea towel. I remember back in winter when it was really cold and always rainy that I would love it when summer comes, well that ain't going well.

This Year In Particular

It is this year in particular that has been bugging me. For the pat few years the weather has been bearable however this year it has been horrendous. Temperatures easily surpassing 34 degrees and staying at the level far beyond midday. 

The Beach

I think almost every kids dream while in the summer is to ditch everything and just go to the beach or the pools. The warmth is unbearable and I think schools should have at least one day in the spring and summer where they take students to the beach.

How To Keep Yourselves Chilly

Unless you work in an air conditioned office, good luck surviving the warmth for the rest of the summer. Stay chilly and sports should be laid back.

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Always Tired

Every single time, no mater where I am and no matter what I do I am always tired. I do a little bit of sport after about half an hour i am tired. Same with sitting on the couch, get tired of watching and my body is tired. But where it's the worse is when I wake up, I though having a rest meant that my body is replenished, but no once I wake up I just wanna go back to bed and then the whole process just starts back up again.

What Makes Me Always Tired?

I think lately my energy rates have been crappy because of my pantry. I barely have any sugary foods in my cupboard and that is causing me a huge deal of problems. So you could say that my energy rates are dependent on the foods I eat and I do not think rice is enough for me to last through the day.

Yawning -.-

This really sucks when I am at school. A teacher is teaching a really boring lesson and I cannot help it but to give just a little yawn and once you do that you will regret it straight away. Because then the teacher thinks that you are too good for them and it just becomes a nightmare while you re awake, or asleep.

Cannot Do Anything

So since I have no energy I am practically screwed. Simply I just cannot do anything then just put my head on the table. Every single day I tell myself "Tomorrow I will have the energy", Well that is useless since I never do it just becomes a useless saying. It sucks so to sum up, depending on what food I have in the pantry is how energized I will be during the week and this week is not the week.

Click Clack Sit Back

Having the chance to relax is very rare nowadays. Everyone's busy with their job and this leaves less time to just click clack sit back. Here are a few ways to make yourself time so you can enjoy yourself.

1. Clear It All Got a heavy burden that you need finished. Why not do it after you read this blog? Get all your work up to date and you'll feel great. The feeling you get when everything's off your chest is amazing and then you will finally pay all your attention to relaxing. Or you could also do your work but by bit then there should be that special day off.

2. Sit Down And Nap A great way to relax is sleep. Just sit on your couch and then while you slowly doze off BAM! Your asleep.  And then you wake up a few hours later feeling fresh and ready to finish off the day. It all starts on the couch or bed and then your asleep.

3. Or Just Relax Sometimes the best solution when you've got a pile of work in front of your face is too just sit back and relax. But the only problem with this one is that if you didn't do the work when you were relaxing then you probably won't do the work when you wake up. Just sit on your cocah or bed and give yourself time to refresh and life should look a lot better after that nap. But if you get fired from work because you didn't do any work don't blame me since you can do it after you wake up :).

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Pressure And Stress

Oh Pressure!

Stress/Pressure.......  Once it's finished it goes two ways, to joy and to heartbreak. The thing is you can't prepare for it, there is no training for pressure you're either in it or out. At least one time in your lifetime you've felt the long cold silence and the scary stare from your boss or teachers that makes you shiver in your boots. But the question is why do we have pressure? And stress? you're probably thinking where is this going?


It's all about your attitude to pressure, you either dread it and do absolutely nothing or take it as a challenge, obstacle and take it on. Its all about your mindset yes you. If there's a maths test tomorrow you either mourn and gloom all day or you can challenge it to get at least over 80%.

How To Avoid Stress?

It's easy you've got a couple of assignments?  Definitely don't leave for the last minute or the last couple of days for that matter. I've had many assignments that I just brush over because their you know shooosh don't tell anyone but I bursh them over because their co-curricular :L. If their not part of my major learning whats the point? Maybe I should leave this for another article.

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