Friday, November 22, 2013

The Form


My basketball team is in shambles. We have a bench warmer who can't defend, 3 ball hogs in the team and no true center.


I do not know how to turn my team into winners.  The first season I played we went undefeated, and now this 2nd team is always being defeated. I just don't think we gel. Everything is all over shop. Where is the upside to this team, I do not see.

Stats Against Us

We have started the season 3-5 which is definitely not good. Sitting at  the bottom of the ladder is not pretty. But the main problem is we are all weak in defense. This team defensively is in ruins.

Hate Losing

I hate to admit but I am a sore loser. Mostly when I lose I play games and wash away the anger but it stings after every match. Trying to develop a good attitude to losing is hard when most of your childhood you won.

Right now I just gotta keep my head up and play good basketball. If I can deliver a good performance every week I will be satisfied. So I guess that's it thanks for reading friends and till next time :).

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