Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thank You All So Much

Thanks For Everything!

September 29 is a memorable day for me. I was just relaxing doing nothing at the shopping mall waiting for family so I had a bit of time to reflect on life. And a flow of memories of people smiling popped into my mind and I realized, nothing in my life has made me or my family proud.


So as I was sitting a bunch of memories flowed through my head. Sure I had won a basketball trophy and a few medals for Academic Achievement but I have never heard my Mum or Dad say "I'm proud of you son". My parents didn't even watch me in my basketball grand final victory, that's how much they cared. Then after a lost train of thought I knew that I wanted to spread my opinion on important matters.

My Ideas

So my first thought on how to spread my ideas was youtube. I watched all these humorous videos and thought "hey I could be funny like these guys" but then my family relatives would watch and I would be too embarrassed to say anything. Then I thought that I could make a youtube gaming channel but lets be honest, no one will watch you if you are bad at gaming. Then after that idea I thought Instagram famous but I'm not a cute girl so no one will even bother to visit my home page let alone getting followers. Even though on Sunday 27th of September I had no ideas on how to spread my ideas this day would be the platform of helping start what is now history.

The State Back Then

When I got home on that Sunday I was deeply depressed. I had been unable to walk to friends house's as I had been recovering from my fractured foot but the worst thing however was that I was injured during school holidays. Every single minute inside felt like a needle piercing into my body. I remember after I had taken my shower I sat at the dinner table and played "What Ifs" over and over inside my head for half an hour. I definitely didn't cry but I was deeply saddened and I did not say much that night. Looking back it was all justified, I was physically and mentally weak while at that time my life looked destined for failure.

The Inspiration

So I woke up the next day just surfing the web. I was a bit depressed at the moment so I was doing things halfheartedly. However it all changed, the answer to my problem was right under my nose the whole time. For about a year I had constantly been reading about Chelsea. Everyday I would type Chelsea in google and click news. I was inspired about how online journalists would type up an article for everyone to read for free. Daily I had been wowed by these opinions and the best thing about it, was that they were just normal average day people sharing their opinion. Then that night I was reading one of my favorite books. Steve Jobs the biography may not seem like a thick book but to me it is pretty thick. I really enjoyed the way Walter Isaacson  explained everything in such detail with just words. It was truly magnificent and I hope to grab a few of his other books. I woke up next morning with a whole new outlook on life, while I was eating thoughts processed throughout my mind. It was then that I knew I wanted something to do with words. Blog!

And The Rest Is History

Tuesday October 1st my first every blog entry. I admit it probably wasn't the best way to start off. I think if I could change 1 thing it would be to not talk about sports that much in the 1st blog entry. I remember getting my first few viewers I was so ecstatic (they were probably bots). I was a bit disheartened at first since I was barely getting any views but then a short time passed and I got my first up vote. I thought WOW! This is it I'm gonna give it my all now. If there is one thing I would change it is not blogging much in November. It has been 10 days in and I have only put out 3 blog entries this month.

The Happiness You Guys Have Given Me

Blogging has been one of the greatest if not the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. Every single view I get, gives mes that extra bit of energy to get through the day. I remember on the first day back to school I told everyone I had just started a blog and it would be great if you all checked it out. Well! I coped a lot of  flak for that. Every time I answered a question or did something average someone would say "are you gonna write a blog on that". Honestly you guys don't know how amazing you guys are. Every time someone asks me "what is your greatest accomplishment so far in life"? I say "starting my blog". Sure I get the few weird looks but I am a blogger and proud :).

Where I Wanna Take This Blog

Currently I am hovering over the 1000 view mark, a quarter of them are probably bots so lets say 750 human viewers. I was ecstatic to get 1 view so everything now is a bonus. However I am scared that I may be moving too slowly. 750 views is definitely great but I have barely any followers so that is something I really wanna work on. Right now I'm just taking it 1 step at a time. One blog entry after another and hopefully it all goes well. By next month I wanna hover around 2.5 k views while producing really good content. 

Answers In the Comments Or Email Please

I have a few questions I need answered to take this blog to the next level.

1. Is it better I focus on quantity or quality etc 2 long blogs in a week or 5 short blogs in a week?

2. Do you guys like my layout?

4. Is my spelling and punctuation good?

3. And finally what can I do to improve this blog?

Thanks You All For Reading

It is you guys that give me the motivation to blog everyday. I have been undermined a lot early in my blogging days but you readers give me so much energy. Thank you guys for supporting me throughout the month even when I didn't post that regularly, hopefully this special monthly anniversary blog entry makes up for my lack of posting. Thanks again and here's to good times ahead :).

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