Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Steps

The Little Steps

One thing in life that bugs me in life is a humans misguided judgement. They all think that if they skip something the end product will still look great but isn't there a saying in life, there are no shortcuts to success!

Little Steps

Whenever I watch news or read newspapers it gives me that little extra belief in humanity when someone says that they only take things one step at a time. It tells me that they are not some cocky person who has their head up in space. Everything should be taken at a pace where everything is examined carefully and thoroughly so the chance of mistakes is rare. Building a puzzle is the same, everything fits together but you can only put one piece of the puzzle at a time (by yourself).

Sporting Wise

The same thing can be said about sports. The little passes throughout the movement is what creates the touchdown,basket,try,goal,point. However the misconception is that the scorer gets all the credit. It was a team effort and I think that is what people are missing whenever they go on a losing streak (this applies to me as well). So when the scorer or the man of the moment makes a mistake everyone is disappointed in them but you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Work Hard

Good buildup should lead to success. Taking things step by step (main backing of why this article is being written) and getting the job cleanly done by doing all the little steps thoroughly is what creates an authentic, genuine and crisp finish.

Post Article

I'm not sure I had enough energy to get this article out but I just pushed. I feel really deflated, my oztag team (the one I was talking about in my last article) was robbed out of a grand finals berth. Just in a really tired mood I guess, well that's the past and now it's time to move. Thanks everyone for reading and till next next time.

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