Sunday, November 3, 2013

Always Compared

Comparisons I Can Not Live Up To

In this brief article I am going to explain something that has always bugged me but its occurrence has been popping up a lot more recently.

My cousins are high achieving people. They all make it to University and are well educated high work ethic people. My family was so proud when my first cousin achieved such a high mark in HSC. That cousin now is the star of the family you could say, and at every family gathering there is always that mention of him being at the top of his game.

A few more cousins in and everyone that has had the chance to go to university has.

What Does This Mean?

I am constantly compared to my cousins now. Every single report, maths test and after every teach interview those names pop out of my Mums mouth. And I always reply to my Mum saying that the education system is broken but she always replies "Then how come your cousins made it through then"?

Well that's the article. Just something very quick and hopefully it provides a good idea of some of the main problems in my household. Anyways Thanks for reading and till next time.

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