Sunday, November 17, 2013

Taking Strides As We Go

Playing A Bit-Part Role

Ever had the feeling when you feel helpless. Ever had that feeling when you try hard but don't succeed? On Thursday I had this problem, I sat on the bench with a jarred thumb playing so many possibilities inside my head.

Thursday 14th November

I woke up this morning all pumped, why? Because today I was gonna play a sport I had longed to play for (competitively) Oztag. This game is a bit like nfl but the ball must not be passed forward and we get "tackled" by having tags on our belts stripped by the defensive team.

I arrived at school and straight away the mood was so bright. All the boys were excited and ready to go, everyone was happy, positive and bright. We were all just passing the ball until it was time to get on the bus.

So the bus ride is great. Everyone is cracking jokes and playing a few pranks on each other. We made a few jokes like "hey guys what happens if we go undefeated"? And another replies " Nah that won't happen".

We arrive at the playing field and all I see is just a jungle of children running around. As it was my first time playing this sport I was just in awe as I tried to capture the spectacle inside my head. So all the boys settle down and we find a place a sit and relax. There wasn't any preparation into this competition but our belief was there and isn't that all that matters?

1st Game

This was it, as the siren sounded for the start of the 2nd session (we didn't play first session since this round robin). And we're all pumped, the only negative was that I started on the bench but oh wells!. So we all gear up and suddenly it's kick off (whistle blows) and the team defends the first set well and now we got the ball. This where stars shine and we definitely got one in my team. My mates gets the ball in the 2nd tackle, makes the breaks and soon we're up 1-0. They try and fightback but our defense has them cooked. Halfway through the first half I get a chance on the field. I get my first tag in defense and this gives me a lot of confidence (too much confidence) and when I go in for my third tag BAM my thump feels immobilizes, I raise my hand signalling for the next sub to get ready.


My thumb is throbbing, I can barely move my hand without pain. I pause for a second thinking of all the ramifications that are just waiting to happen. Have I just let my team down? Now with this injury they are one man down for the next 3 games. With a few words of wisdom from the supervising teacher I rush to the staff tent ( they were only a few steps away from the field) and ask for ice. This cools my thumb and a little bit of ability has returned. We barely scrap a win out of our group stages and we are left with 4 injured players... As the game ends my teammates take a seat in our area counting the losses. There is a silence but we know that It will take the whole team to make it past the group stages.

Part 2 will be out when I recount all my blogs that I said would have a part 2. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've had quite a few tests but once there done the blogs will start flowing. Thanks for reading and until next time guys.

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