Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Pain No Gain

Nothing To Give Up Means Nothing To Gain

Yesterday was the day that gave me belief. Hard work can take you anywhere.


Up until yesterday my academics were very shaky. I had barely passed my tests while also failing a few (especially Japanese). So my confidence in academics was not very high. Whenever I hear the word "test or exam" I freak out. That means that now I must study and hopefully conquer, however my attention span is the worst. One minute I'm reading my notes next moment i'm checking my phone. This is not a habit that gives me joy but not everyone's perfect.

Giving Up A Little

I love my technology. I can't go 30 minutes without my laptop, phone or tablet. They are just too important for me too lose. So my maths test was on Thursday so I thought if I started studying on Monday I would have a good chance to do well. After my shower I went straight to my bedroom, locked the door and studied. It didn't take long for me to pull out my phone. So as an alternative I would study and check my phone every hour. This worked out well and I might use this for the future.

A Bit Of Luck

I did all studying up until Thursday the day of the test. However there was a bit of luck involved. The test was super easy and I passed with flying colors. 97% was the highest I had ever gotten and I guess half of that studying was worth it.

Ahah! Well that's the article just a bit of motivation for you guys trying to pursue your dreams. Work hard and stay committed. 3 weeks till i'm on holidays so the blogs should start flowing then. Thanks for reading and till next time.

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