Monday, November 4, 2013

Always Connected

Always Connected

In games like Clash of Clans people from such far away distances can all be connected as if they are family. Where did I get this article idea from? Read and find out.

I was talking to one of my clan members today. He asked a few of us where we all lived (countries). It was first the countries I hear most often Australia and America then there were a few that surprised me. One person said South Africa and another one a country I had never heard of.

I find it amazing that people from such far away distances can communication wise be so close in just a space of a few minutes. I guess that is how far wi-fi has taken us.

But What Is The Point Of This Article

Just something that I stumbled upon that amazed me today. Even though wi-fi has been around for years it truly hit me today how far communication on the internet really goes.

Well I guess thats the article. Sorry for them being so short. I will definitely try and get something long by the end of the week. But school just drains so much I come home and I am just so tired. Anyways thanks for reading and till next time.

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