Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crazy Holidays

Crazy Holidays

I work tirelessly trying to provide extra help for family members in this time of commitment that I must provide. These holidays have been torrid for me and all because of one person, yes one person has ruined my holidays.

My holidays were all planned out for me to enjoy. However the arrival of my cousin from overseas has squandered any joy that I would have bathed in.

The Havoc He Has Caused
My house has seen some noticeable changes ever since my eleven yr old cousin arrived. He has

  • scratched the bedroom walls
  • smashed the scooter all around the walls
  • broken the outside door
  • eaten all my junk food (one time I caught him hiding honey soy chicken chips in his room) while not even bothered to eat the healthy foods such as rice fruit veggies my family put on his plate.
Worst Of All
Worst of all is the language barrier. His English is of a kindergarten level so I have troubles guiding him around. Times are getting tough and he'll be living with me for the next month.

All In All

Very sorry, blogs having been coming out rapidly but hopefully you guys can understand the troubles I am going through. Thanks for the support and till next time.

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