Friday, January 31, 2014

Private Or Public?

Private Or Public Schooling? My View


Last year I made the decision to leave my local public high school for a more luxurious private high school. I have lost many friendships and teacher bonds that used to encircle my life however the gain was that I could receive a more modern, stricter and a more well rounded education. It has been two very long days into my new school and here are some of my thoughts.

The Public Problems

Ever heard the saying "A great school is the people around it". While I was at my local high school the people around me where clueless noggins always speaking out of turn and doing some sort of crazy "comparison" like doing push ups at the back of the classroom or showing off "guns". Teachers have no control over anything as there would be multiple culprits. As the teachers always say "I am only one person and you guys are twenty plus". Public High Schools is like candy falling on the ground and the desperate children pick it up. This may sound a  bit "biased" however two years getting education from a trash can has made me fed up.

Private Praise

From the first moment I stepped in the office I knew that my newly adopted private school meant business. Everything was so professional, from the clean and impressive office to the teenagers calmly sitting down and chatty. The teachers and staff were so friendly I would gladly join their "school family". I felt very welcome from the first minute I met my year coordinator. The school had this calm and sensible feeling something that lacks in public schools. However what most surprised me is that in class there is so much respect but occasionally there is the odd outburst yet everyone settles down when the teachers talk. Like I said before, a great school is a one with great people around it, private schools are serious and therefore the people that enter aren't morons otherwise they get dealt with quickly. For me this saying can apply to my opinion on schools "You get what you pay". 

The Fees Though?

I have had many talks with my mum on "education" and the question I ask the most is " Why do people go to University when the fees are so much". And my mum always replies "They pay a lot now however when they get a good job it will pay back very soon". Now I'm not trying to convince you to go to a private school however what I am saying is that sometimes its worth it.

My Final Thoughts!

This article may seem very biased towards public high schools but take my opinion with a grain of my salt and make your own judgement. I consider myself very lucky to have "escaped" the clutches of a public school. Now after you read this article you may think that all public schools suck however not all of em. Sadly I was put into a terrible public school and I think that's why my taste is very sour. The students there weren't the brightest intellectually although very friendly and nice however the staff were very lacking and definitely not dedicated  in my old public high school.

Thank you everyone for reading! Sorry for not posting regularly however this will most likely change since I will be receiving mac books at my new private school, so when I have spare time in class I blog. That's the article I hope you guys enjoyed and till next time :D.

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