Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas For All

The Bells Are Ringing

Why I Value Christmas So Much
Christmas for me is not about the presents, gifts or the tv shows, for me it's the fact that I get to spend time with the people most important in my life, family and food. This year my family has only been altogether one time this year to celebrate my cousins 21st, this is a very poor effort and hopefully Christmas can make up for this terrible showing.

Presents And Food?
Like every young boy I wanted tons of presents for Christmas. I wanted to wake up on the morning of December 25th to the smell of bucket loads of presents. However this childhood dream for me never happened. I never woke up to any presents and now that I think about it I haven't had a birthday present in the last 5 years. So after all these past experiences with Christmas my mentality about toys and gadgets changed. Everything I gained was a privilege not a right, I begged to my parents but they would never succumb. Last year I cried for a Ps3 nonetheless my mum always resisted.

Besides the presents the family the other thing that will stick out the most is the food. Almost every gathering is about the food. Food allows people to relax and enjoy good things in their mouths. However last year my family found a way to ruin food. There was no cake, once I found out that this delicacy was not on the menu it ruined my festive cheer.

The Spirit
I find it very disappointing that the only reason my family will all be together is because of this festive day. My family has no rifts or arguments and everyone gets along well so I see no reason why we shouldn't have these whole family meetings every 2 months.

Too My Readers
All I want for you guys is a safe and happy Christmas. Enjoy the food and please don't act snobby when you receive a crummy gift from a relative, say thanks and put on a fake smile, there is no need to dampen the happy cheer. At least you guys will get something, this year it seems as if I'll get nothing (again) but this won't ruin my Christmas because at least I get to spend time with family. In my opinion there is nothing more important than Christmas than getting everyone together.

The End
That's it really. Take care guys and stay safe. Enjoy the holidays while it lasts in the festive spirit :).

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